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Different from the traditional type of Taiwan farmer associations or general small or medium size enterprises (SMEs) it gathered dozens of elites in Taiwan’s flower industry and invested by Taiwan National Development Fund, Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. , Taiwan Sugar Corporation, King Car Industrial Co., Ltd. , and Wan-Chong Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and strong shareholders together with the management team to support the establishment of Taiwan’s first vertically integrated flower company, Taiwan Flower Biotechnology Company, Ltd. .The head office was located in Taipei, with several regional offices throughout the country, and branch offices and production centers in Vietnam.

Taiwan is located at the junction of tropical and subtropical areas, and has excellent production conditions for both plains and high cold areas.

In the market, Taiwan is located in the center of Asia, close to China, South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries. With similar cultural backgrounds, it is easy to grasp the dynamic changes in the Asia-Pacific market.

Taiwan Flower Biotechnology Company, Ltd. will use these advantages to cooperate with Taiwan’s developed biotechnology, control high-priced patent varieties and international distribution channels, in order to improve the domestic flower industry structure and promote the export of flowers. In terms of strategy, it will actively cooperate with domestic and international companies to establish strategic alliances, enter the international market, and become an Asian flower town and a world tropical flower kingdom.

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